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Our social psychology chapter touches on topics that are vitally important to each of us in our personal lives, and to our functioning as members of the many groups we use to define ourselves. There is little more pervasive and important in individual human functioning – and happiness – than our relationships. And on a broader scale we see everywhere how our divides confront us, whether by gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, politics, sports team… the list goes on.

I’ve chosen chapter subtopic that to my mind cuts to the core: Understanding Others. It all starts here. There are two related subtopics: stereotyping and attributions.

Here is a brief overview; details follow. In this assignment you will explain and then apply to an example of your choosing the concept of attribution and the “fundamental attribution error” (a.k.a. “correspondence bias” – a more opaque term). The application exercise will draw from your own experience; this is an exercise we will repeat over the semester. Then you will examine what makes this error more likely.

This assignment taps the following learning objectives as outlined in the syllabus:

    • Ethical and Social Responsibility
    • Foundational Knowledge
    • Application to the Real World
    • Ethical and Social Responsibility in a DiverseWorld



  • Use this header to title this section: Attributions and Related Errors.
  • In the first paragraph in this section, subtitled “Definitions“:
    • Define in your own words “Attributions” and the “Fundamental Attribution Error” (including dispositional and situational attributions).
  • In the second paragraph in this section, subtitled “Application“:
    • Provide your own example illustrating this attribution error as applied (as it usually is) to another person (not to the self).
      • Your example may be personal, but it needn’t be. There’s plenty in the public sphere to draw from.
      • Choose an example that demonstrates an important failure to understand another.
  • In the third (and, as needed, a fourth) paragraph in this section, subtitled “Reasons for the Error
      • Explore reasons this error may have occurred.
        • Consider the covariation model and apply as it fits.
        • Consider other personal factors that may have led to the error.
          • For example: could physical or emotional state have contributed? Beliefs, attitudes, history? Something else? How?
          • Note that our text doesn’t go into this much. Free-ranging speculation is encouraged.
  • In a final paragraph or two, subtitled “Why this Matters
      • Make a case for why this topic matters for practical and ethical human functioning. Consider:
        • Interpersonal functioning – the individual level. Illustrate with specific detail.
        • The broader social sphere – how we interact with “out-group” members (by race, ethnicity, religion gender, etc.)

Rubric is attached:

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