writing assignment please read the requirements carefully

Class: Please see the Discussion section on your toolbar in Canvas. I have included the assignment and instructions below.

Instruction: You are required to do the following. Your attendance is attached to this assignment.

Post your initial response with no less than 200 words with support from the textbook. No online sources are acceptable. Deadline Tuesday 11:59 PM
Respond to two of your classmates. 75 words minimum each. Your response must be in your own words and based on the textbook. Any additional information will require you to cite your source on the discussion board. Plagiarism rule is in effect. See your syllabus for plagiarism rules.
2nd response due by Thursday 11:59 pm.
The final response is by Sunday 11:59 pm.
Purpose: To demonstrate the impact of the business cycle on organizations

Background: Economic contractions and expansions occur over time in every economy. This cycle is seldom predictable. This quick, discussion-based exercise demonstrates the impact of the business cycle on students’ colleges and universities.

Exercise: Think about what relationship the economy has with your college or university. Jot down a few ideas. Consider how increases in unemployment might affect if at all, enrollment and various departments within your college or university.

Discussion Possibilities: Does enrollment increase as unemployment increases? Why or why not? How might an economic downturn impact available financial aid for students? What types of changes are administrators likely to make or avoid during times of economic expansion? In times of economic contraction?

Grade: To receive full credit please follow the above instructions and see the rubric.

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