writing policy brief assignment

olicy Brief Assignment Sheet

In your policy briefs, you will draw on previous research to describe a specific problem

related to an intractable conflict, propose and evaluate policies to resolve the problem, and

recommend a particular course of action. Each paper will reach a clear conclusion based on

evidence and a concise argument.

The policy brief assignment will relate to one of the following conflict cases:


Paper Components:

The policy brief will include the following sections:



oProblem Description (700-1000 words)

oPolicy Options

oConclusion and Recommendation


You will receive information about how to complete each of these sections throughout the

quarter, and you will write the sections through a series of drafts. For example, your first

draft of the Problem Description section will be evaluated by your peer. After making

revisions based on your peer’s feedback, you will submit a second draft to the course

Teaching Assistant for a grade. The grade is meant to offer you an indication of how your

final paper will be evaluated, and as a result, the drafts will be graded as if they were the final

paper. After receiving feedback on your second draft, you will make revisions again before

submitting your final paper during Finals Week.

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