written report 10

Written Report
The report will need to include the following:
ï‚·Cover Page
ï‚·Table of Contents
ï‚·P1: Personal Narrative & Post-Graduate Career Plans
oQuestion: how I chose my college major at PNW & my career path
oSummary of past educational and work/internship experience
oShort- and long-term career plan/goals following graduation
ï‚·P2: Industry & Occupation Facts & Trends
oFive-year labor market projections for chosen industry
oCertifications and/or education required for entry-level position in occupation
oAverage starting salary for recent college graduates in chosen occupation
oTypical college majors associated with occupation
ï‚·P3: Negotiations
oChose specific position and identify its average starting salary for recent college graduates inspecific industry
oQuestion: What is your expected salary range for this position and justification (andevidence, if possible)
oQuestion: what other potential negotiations would you make in obtaining this position(include justification and evidence if possible)
ï‚·P4: JA Day Reflection
oQuestion: What was your biggest take away from this experience? (mentor and/or class)
oQuestion: What would you do differently next time?
oQuestion: What would you tell your peers that will present next semester?
ï‚·Reference Page
oAt least one Wall Street Journal Article
oAt least one Peer Reviewed Journal Article
oOne additional creditable source
Due: Sunday,

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