you extend the business case you submitted as project proposal part 1 start from your submission for project proposal part 1 and add content to address the requirements described below write 600 to 800 additional words

Subject: Project Proposal Assignment Part 2 – Project Plan

The Project Proposal Part 2 – Project Plan is a memo that describes a proposed IT project you want to explore in our class. Your project must be complex enough to require 5 or more employees, 2-3 material items, a timeline of 6 and 12 months and a budget of $100,000 to $350,000. In this assignment, you extend the Business Case you submitted as Project Proposal Part 1. Start from your submission for Project Proposal Part 1 and add content to address the requirements described below.

Write 600 to 800 additional words to the Business Case you submitted as Part 1 to provide more information on your plan for executing the project. Cover the following areas:

  • Address any issues or missing elements from your business case, as reported in the feedback provided.
  • Analyze the schedule and budget and provide final estimates for both, with supporting information to substantiate your estimates.
  • Provide a top level Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) with approximately 20 tasks that capture the scope of your project.
  • Identify key stakeholders in your project and describe your plan for engaging with them during the project
  • Assess the high level risks in your project and document the top three risks and your strategies for addressing those risks
  • Evaluate the assumptions and dependencies in your project plan. Document the top three assumptions or dependencies and describe the potential impact to your project if these are not met.

Demonstrate through your description of the project plan that you understand the underlying project management concepts.Provide project information to a level of detail that validates your proposed approach, schedule, and budget.

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