you learned what economics is you learned what economics is

You have now almost covered the first part of the course. You learned what economics is how economists look at issues, were introduced to the basics of economic modeling, and discussed how prices function as the mechanism we use to allocate goods and services. All of these topics were primarily microeconomic. You also started to explore the basic study of macroeconomics and were exposed to the issues of national income, price stability, economic growth, unemployment and their measurement.

The first graded discussion is about these major macroeconomic issues and you will be learning more about them for the rest of the term. The discussion forum will provide you with the opportunity to discuss these issues as you learn them and the forum will be open March 30- April 3rd. The basic guidelines are:

Discussion postings will require you to read about and discuss current macroeconomic issues or events. You should draw material from reputable sources and media outlets. You will be asked to post a comment on an article published in the media during the week of the discussion is open. In addition to posting your own comment you will have to respond to two other learners.

  • Your posting may be on the same issue or subject as another student’s but it must not be from the same source. Please COMMENT on the article. DO NOT RETYPE OR CUT/PASTE THE ARTICLE. Your posting should be a minimum of 250 words and your thoughtful response to someone else’s posting should be a minimum of 150 words.
  • In order to get full credit for the assignment, you must post BOTH your original posting as well as TWO responses to other learner’s postings.
  • You must read most of the postings in the discussion forum. You are graded on that as well.
  • Be sure to indicate the source and date of the issue discussed in your posting. For example, the “Wall Street Journal, March 30, 2020.” If your source is an article from the web, please provide a link.
  • Make proper use of grammar and spelling when posting as these do affect your grade.
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