your ideal studio 2

For this assignment , you will create a your own concept for a studio. It can be an in-home studio concept or a concept for a large scale studio. This will be a visual document that will include an annotated floorplan diagram and a detailed equipment list for your ideal studio set-up.

  • Think about the size of your studio and decide on how big you want your studio to be.
  • Select a location and determine the size of the space and the room you have available.
  • Create a floor plan for your studio
  • Determine the equipment list and layout you need.
  • Annotate the locations of all key equipment, instrument storage, monitors, and speakers.
  • Highlight where equipment and furniture will be located and create your studio’s overall design plan.

Once you have a space in mind, you are ready to create a floor plan. A floor plan is a drawing to scale showing a view from above; use this diagram to show the relationships between the console, racks, equipment, furniture, instruments and other physical features of the structure.

Now for the fun part! You can draw your floor plan by hand, with stencils, or using Adobe Illustrator or with free online services like Consider if the studio is a personal workspace or a public one, which can support specific types of artists and bands. Think about customers who will move through and work in your studio. Determine the footprint (size) and a layout. Annotate the floor plan noting the location of key equipment, artwork, specialty interiors, finishes, soundproofing, and other types of studio features.

Decide where you will place your equipment. Create your equipment list and show where the equipment will be located in the studio and annotate your gear.

Should have:

  • An equipment list is included and itemized.
  • Floor plan has a clear title and annotations are used to note key information or enhance the visual images.
  • The studio concept is clear and relates to the short written description that is included.
  • The design is relatable to the concept.
  • Layout is presented neatly and thoughtfully and equipment locations are annotated.
  • Floor plan is annotated with equipment names and presented in an organized and easy to understand manner, digitally or physically.
  • Sources are recorded for all content collected from other sources that are not your own unique work. Fair use is considered in the composition.
  • A written “description” of the concept is included

Take a look at the 3 examples attached!!!

Should be in jpg, png or gif!!

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